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I told a friend the other night that I will set every alarm on my iPhone and switch up the ringtones to wake up in the mornings. One of the hardest parts about juggling a PR consultancy and building a new business (Your PR Assistant) is staying awake. The other hard part is waking up. I’m tired.

I have a virtual assistance client who is just like me. (See what PR does to you?!) So, I combed the web looking for wake-up call companies. Most have a small price but I found this one that is operating on donations: WakeupDialer.com.

I love the simplicity of the interface but I also love how easy it is to schedule and receive a wake-up call. I wasn’t prepared for the voice greeting, which was a man’s baritone with a British accent (Stephen Fry). He kind of scared the willies out of me, but I woke up.

One thing for sure, I didn’t sleep through my phone ringing. As a free tool, it is great for clients or waking you up to wake up clients.

Shameless Advert: Hire Your PR Assistant to wake you up in the mornings.